There is a decent category of users that love to use small-size smartphones as these phones (according to their opinion) are easy to handle and have no battery issues. Unfortunately, if we go through the available choices of small-sized smartphones that qualify all the latest technology tests, are very rare. The users are left with no choice but either to satiate with this choice or opt for large-size smartphones.

The above scenario came under discussion in various tech seminars; however, no decent proposals came up with best solutions. The latest buzz about iPhone 7 Mini has made fans overjoyed as it is expected to meet all the expectations of small-sized phones diehards. Apart from being packed with the latest technology advancement, the phone is expected to bring glamor to the 4-inch sized display device.  

For most of the fans who love the trendy gadgets, it is is an obsolete idea, however, the fact remains that the idea of iPhone 7 Mini was on the cards. The stepping back to small-size gadgets is expected to be received warmly from fans and experts, however, the fans would have to wait for next year.

As far as changes between the recent iPhone 6s and 6s plus are concerned, the news in the middle are that mini would have a drop in screen resolution and the standby option would undergo a complete change. As far as the processor is concerned, there will be no up gradation of the A9 processor with 3D touch possibly being missing.

Let us see when Apple authorities are going to spill the beans regards to iPhone 7 Mini.


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