The most notable scandal that jolted the major car manufacturer in the world in the recent times is the diesel scandal. The scandal came out of the blue and all of a sudden caused severe blow to its fame. Explanations were called from the officials and the repute of the company was seriously questioned.

Something that turned out to be so nightmarish for Volkswagen was its decline in sales and the industry giant lost the lead in global auto sales to Toyota Motor Corporation. Being hailed as the most mesmerizing and No. 1 car dealer in the world, the German company faced a severe consumer blowback with the most notorious emissions-cheating scandal. According to the Toyota sources, the company sold 7.49 million vehicles in the month of September surpassing 7.43 million that Volkswagen reported.

If we analyze the results, we would clearly observe the decline in sales happened after straight after rigging diesel engines with software that deceived regulators when it comes to pollution levels. If this scandal haven’t had happened, Volkswagen could have surpassed Toyota in global sales as we can see in the last 3 months before September.

Moreover, to add more to its miseries, Volkswagen is now arranging repairs to 11 million vehicles worldwide and has reportedly stopped sales of diesel models in most of the markets while bringing engines into compliance. Moreover, the company is also facing an unexpectedly low demand in China and thus declining a major portion of its global sales.

Although, Volkswagen’s emissions scandal turned out to be hell bad for Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn that ultimately led to his resignation, yet his services will be remembered for long. In his tenure,  Martin Winterkorn lead the company to surpass Toyota and General Motors Co. and becoming the world leader by global sales.


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