‘The Voice’ Crowns Season 11 Winner & Champion
‘The Voice’ Crowns Season 11 Winner & Champion

‘The Voice’ Crowns Season 11 Winner & Champion

The voice of the 11th season ended this evening with a two-hour event around the final results, determined by vote and iTunes downloads. Coach Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Alicia Keys, and Miley Cyrus were all present for the final live, even though they did not have much to do other than to engage in duty pre-recorded segments. As is the tradition, the finalists also had to bring with them to lead some of their favorite rivals.

Sing, Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande “Faith” with the four finalists of the season: the McDonald team Alicia, Sundance team leader Adam Blake and Josh Gallagher and Billy Gilman.

Gallagher’s memory services began to sing with Austin Allsup and Brendan Fletcher, describing Gallagher as “crazy and crazy” like him. They sang “My Kind of Party” by Jason Aldean.

Thinking about his travel voice chef coach admitted that Shelton used to make nervous. Shelton said his artist has much to commemorate with him, the sense of humor of the head. “It’s a very sweet person, and I know that he really wants them to succeed to see,” said Cheftrainer.

McDonald’s stage together “Love Me Now” with John Legend to sing. It was a good game, legend and with much better than McDonald Keys last night.

Sting sang his new single “I can not stop thinking about you.”

For the amplification achievement, called Gilman Christian Cuevas, Ali Caldwell, Courtney Harrell and Sa’Rayah. Together they formed a group of power, “Proud Mary” and the injection of the final with a much needed energy to sing.

McDonald is reflected in his relationship with key, Carson Daly as one of the closer relationships between the trainer and the artist who had the program. Keys really took the young singer under his wing, helped him realize his potential. “I am very happy to have reached that limit with Alicia,” said McDonald.

Cam Josh Gallagher and then sang a beautiful duet. After a montage of artists and their coaches all talk about what it would mean a victory for them, The Weeknd performed the singing “Starboy”.

Head and his musical idols, kiss, gave an explosive performance. He was reliable over the top.

McDonald sang Aaron Gibson, Darby Walker and Brendan Fletcher an interesting arrangement of “Love Lockdown” by Kanye West.

Gallagher has been on the team of Adam about his time. This season, the first time an artist Levine led the country into the final, which certainly gives a boost in their playful rivalry with Shelton.

Then Gilman and Kelly Clarkson sang “quietly to the north, the” way Clarkson in Hamilton mixtape, which was released earlier this month.

Ladder led other artists Blake, Allsup and Harrell equipment. They sang “not worth the whiskey.”
“My favorite thing about Billy’s unwavering commitment to music,” Levine said during the montage, dedicated to her journey. Scandred “Magic 24K” Bruno Mars came on stage later. There was still plenty of time to kill the actual results.

And finally the time has come. Daly started the finalists to fourth place the announcement: Gallagher. He made his exit, the first three are eager to expect the remaining results. The artist in third place was McDonald, on a big mess. So it was in Gilman and head.

After a commercial pause, Daly made the final announcement: the winner of the season was 11 voice Sundance’s head. Gilman was second. Shelton has now delivered a champion five times in the series.

The 12th season of the voice begins in February 2017. Gwen Stefani coach again, and Cyrus will not return. What do you think of season 11?