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It is known that many fans are longing for the good old headphone jack to be in the latest iPhone model, and a recent Youtube video that was published showcased that it is possible to return the jack by using a drill.

The video shows that there is a hidden headphone jack in the area where it used to be on the iPhone 6. Apple seems to be suggesting that people should utilize the Lightning port or just use wireless headphones on the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and there are a few people who think this is all just for show.  They believe that the speaker grill located at the bottom of the phone is just for decoration and that there is actually a hidden headphone jack enclosed within. This is very wrong.

The video’s goal seems to be to trick people into drilling holes into their iPhone 7, which will ultimately break it. Though it is unclear how many people have actually tried it. The trick seems to rely on the fact that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6 look so much alike and that people are longing for the good old port back.

Drilling a hole into the bottom of the iPhone 7 to reveal the missing headphone jack, as suggested by the video that now has over a million view, is definitely a hoax.

There have been reports where people have tried to drill a hole into their iPhone 7 and found that it would no longer turn on. The image below, courtesy of Teardowns, proves what is inside the iPhone 7, and what is behind the speaker grille is definitely not the long lost headphone jack.

Teardown by iFixIt
Teardown by iFixIt


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