Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Victor Martinez Explained Why Classic Physique Sportsmen Are Not Equal To Open Weight Bodybuilders

If you think that sport is not an issue of serious debates, you have probably missed the recent conflict between the sportsmen of the Open Weight Division and Classic Physique bodybuilders.

While some type of cold war has always existed between representatives of these two groups, Jeremy Buendia twisted the knife with his recent video message. The former Men’s Physique champion complained about bigger bodybuilders being disrespectful and rude.

Buendia wanted to ask his Open Weight colleagues to stop discriminating sportsmen from other divisions. However, his words only added fuel to the fire and caused very different reactions from other bodybuilders.

Victor Martinez commented on the situation and explained why he thought that Open Weight bodybuilders are more respected and popular. Martinez told that being an Open Weight bodybuilder is much harder than many people may think.

At the same time, the sportsman thinks that almost every person can get success in Men’s Physique category after some years of training: “Anybody can do physique. My brother who did 13 years in jail came out. He looks good enough to do physique..

Victor Martinez also told he had never been disrespectful to sportsmen from different divisions: “I was classic physique my entire life until I moved up in a class and became an open class bodybuilder.”. He also thinks that starting one’s sports career as a Classic Physique bodybuilder is a great strategy.

However, Victor also mentioned that Open Weight bodybuilding is not for everyone: only a few people can take such hard work that is needed to become an Open Weight bodybuilder. Those who love fitness and sport and are not ready to sacrifice much can try to compete in other divisions.

Martinez also told that Open Weight bodybuilders earn more money. Most people are ready to support bigger sportsmen rather than sponsoring Physique bodybuilders. “At the end of the day, bodybuilding is still the freak show.” – said Martinez.

Victor Martinez, Arnold Classic Europe, 2011


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