Neymar FC Barca Star and Marco Veratti

Marco Veratti a professional footballer has been under question for the past few days. He has been frequently asked that with which Barca start is he with?

Which Barca start would you like to join you at PSG?

Marca himself is the superstar at PSG. He has been throwing controversy. After the recent match of FC Barca against Juventus, the question in the news was if it is possible which one of the FC Barca stars will join you at PSG.

Veratti commented the name Neymar considering him his ideal signing.

This comment by Veratti created a lot of hustle on the social media. FC Barca has a leading star of football; Messi. It was a shocking news for all.

Why Veratti not highlighted Messi in his choice?

Messi is considered as the legend in the football. He has years of golden history. He is the champion of champions. Neglecting Messi was really something to look about. Although FC Barca lost the last game against Juventus. But still, the reputation of the Messi is still the same.

Veratti votes for Neymar. Is this neglecting Messi’s efforts?

No doubt Neymar is a superstar in himself. Veratti has listed his points on selecting Neymar. He was very confident in saying that ” In my view, Neymar and Messi have the same level”. Verrati verily said that Neymar is a young player, of my age and ready to achieve his goals. Neymar has the potential to change the game. He is very enthusiastic and hard working in his job.

FC Barca star

Veratti is not neglecting the achievements of Messi but for him, Neymar and Messi are now on the same level.

Neymar has played 38 matches this season. Making a sum of 15 goals and assisting 24 strikes. All these achievements make him to the level of Messi? Maybe its Veratti’s personal opinion to take him at PSG.

Do you think Neymar is now at the level of Messi ?