If you replace your non-vegetarian meals with high quality plants food then you will be able to lose weight, reduce risk of mortality and heart disease, says a new study.

It has been said since a long time that a healthier alternative to processed and meat products are the nutritious plant based foods and now as per longitudinal studies presented at the 2018 Nutrition meeting this weekend, these alternatives increase longevity and decrease the risk of developing chronic illness.

As per a Netherlands study presented at the meeting which was conducted on about 6000 adults shows that they who replaced their meat-eating diet with plant based diet showed a decreased risk of getting coronary heart disease. Having more of meat compared to plant protein increased the chances of coronary heart disease.

A Brazil study showed that 4500 adults who consumed more of plant protein reduces the likelihood of getting affected with clogged arteries by about 60% than the people who consumed meat proteins.

However, avoiding a meat-protein diet completely will not improve the health as the quality of the plant based protein you consume also matters. As per a Harvard analysis on more than 125,000 people, showed that the people who had vegetarian meals containing healthful plant foods such as vegetables, fruits as well as whole grains did not gain a lot of weight than those people who had processed vegetarian food which contained high levels of sugars, refines carbs as well as trans fats.

It was also proved that a healthy plant diet can help to decrease the risk of mortality, said scientist Fang Fang Zhang. As per a study of about 30000 people of different age, incomes as well as activity levels, those who had high quality meat did not have effect the mortality rates.     


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