Phillip, aka “wlift84”, shared an amazing video on his YouTube channel just recently. The video highlighted the latest performance of 87-year-old Russian weightlifter Vasily Zubov at the Weightlifting Masters World Cup.

That weightlifter started weightlifting at the age of 12 and he was the oldest competitor at the Masters World Cup, being born in 1931. Besides, Vasily is a multi-sport athlete who competed over 40 times on a national stage even in his 80s.

According to the YouTube user Fanchen Bao who translated the video,

 “Mr. Zubov has competed 43 times in national meets, 11 times in European Championships, and 8 times in World Championships. He was decorated with 9 Silver and 3 Bronze medals. He exercises regularly, and enjoys not only weightlifting, but also track-and-field, swimming, and shooting.”

Zubov concluded with his 26kg make, and with 32kg in the clean&jerk, which made him a winner in his weight class.

It is absolutely incredible, but Zubov’s orange weightlifting shoes are 70 years old, according to Franchen Bao. Probably, they helped him win the first place to some extent. Such old weightlifting shoes are a real rarity in the competitions.

Despite his age, Mr. Zubov still has the same ambitions and is a great example of strength and will for young weightlifters!


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