Use of Steroids

The Use of steroids in today’s society is becoming more and more prominent in today’s day and age.

While this is slightly true, Anabolic steroids were being used constantly throughout the 80’s and 90’s, especially. But it doesn’t matter how many use it and how safe anabolic steroids have been proven to be one of the most effective ways of building muscle mass and strength.

But this is not the only thing that the use of steroids is good for, arthritic pain can greatly be eased by using anabolic steroids such as deca and anavar. For example, I had a client recently who had extreme back pains due to “trapped nerves.” While the doctors said they wouldn’t be doing any real damage she was going through agony. The only way to treat this was supposed to be surgery. After using anavar for 2 weeks she was pain free. I’ve also seen anavar actually help with healing joints and tendon damage “this is remarkable,” I’ve heard brainless doctors say.

This is why I have no problem with the use of steroids when they are USED correctly.

The use of steroids should be encouraged and made legal for the correct situations and this can only happen once we educate not only ourselves but those around us on the benefits.

Remember when women couldn’t vote, or blacks could be banned from RESTAURANTS and universities.

This changed dramatically because we A educated ourselves and B changed our ways of thinking.

The use of steroids is fine if the individual is over the age of 21, has been training in his or her sport for some time and it would be much safer and easier to use if he and or she had the help of a doctor behind them.

Just think of how much money the economy would make by legalizing these and allowing you to go into a chemist/pharmacy to purchase them, a lot of financial problems would be solved instantly!

When did I begin the use of steroids? I was 23 year old. I’d competed in martial arts for over 10 years, and weight lifting for over 10 years. I had certainly hit my natural limits and I did a simple testosterone only cycle. The results? I was extremely happy with the results adding 23lbs of muscle mass keeping around 20 and then finally adding a dramatic amount of strength.

I kept my gains and did a GOOD PCT, recovered well, and I was extremely happy.

This was educated steroid use, not abuse, and is why I know the use of steroids to be “safe.” We have DOCTORS from Harvard and Yale showing the health benefits and little to no negative sides but it’s still not enough for most out there!

Wake up and spread the message on the use of steroids

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