Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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USA Army first Stryker Vehicle Prototype Video Released: Dragoon

WASHINGTON (Army News Service) — The first prototype video of Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle, outfitted with a 30mm cannon.

This new Stryker vehicle will be called as the Dragoon, the name of the second Cavalry Regiment. Fully-integrated commander’s station is also features on the prototype, hull modifications & also upgraded driveline, according to a press release from Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems.

Source: Army.mil

“It’s important to know we are a nation at war right now, and our Army remains globally engaged,” Allyn said. “Today, over 8,000 Soldiers are in Afghanistan, providing enabling support to an emerging force, fighting a persistent insurgent threat.”

More than 33,000 Soldiers are assigned or allocated to Europe “to assure our allies and to deter a potentially grave threat to freedom,” he continued.

Source: Army.mil

Supporting the fight around the globe means having the best technologies for Soldiers to ensure overmatch against future adversaries in an increasingly complex and dangerous world where the threat is often “elusive and ambiguous,” he said.

This environment will place a premium on unmanned systems, lethal technologies and rapid maneuver capabilities that the new Stryker system exemplifies, Allyn concluded.

Here is the video:

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Source: Army.ml