Afghanistan on target- Biggest non-nuclear bomb ever!

U.S is again on strike. Under the attempts followed by Trump, it keeps on hitting other countries.  This Time Afghanistan is again on the hit.

Afghanistan is again on the target killing many in a non-nuclear attack.

The history of U.s is filled with the massacre killing innocent people. Afghanistan on the hit again and again.The weapon used is described as the father of bombs.
After hitting it as a nuclear power now it is the turn for hitting as non nulcear one. The radius of the bomb is 300 m. This is a attempt of brutality not supported by UNO.

UNO not supporting this act of U.S.

Trump is trying to deliver his promise wipe” ISIS off the face of the Earth”. This is becoming a serious issue worldwide. It is a major indication that the President will live up to his vow of obliterating ISIS.
Syria President also said Trump attacks can be anywhere in the world. 

Trump trying to wipe ISIS from the earth.

Afghanistan is being severely damaged.

The World is now a day at the blink of war.

Serious actions should be taken against this. Trump can rule U.S but not the whole world. Afghanistan appears to be on the map of the world and has equal rights as the other countries. This issu should be solved as soon as possible .

The non-nuclear bomb at Afghanistan weighed 2000lbs.

The people in Afghanistan are now being threatened by their own existence. They are of the notion that no one is there to protect them .
No doubt Afghanistan is a weak country on the face of the world but such attacks should be condemned worldwide. This has nothing to do with the U.S being the SUPER POWER. It doesn’t mean it rules the world. We condemn this attack on Afghanistan.