United Airlines
United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the well-known airlines of the U.S with a good income yearly. Recently, the airlines have been in news due to some controversies it has been throwing towards the media. The recent controversy wasn’t digested so that the other is here on the table. People are eager to know what happened this time!.

A man bloodied and being dragged by the two police officers was seen on the United Airline’s Sunday’s flight before it took off. This was the exact scene which hit the media. Let us consider what actually happened and lead to this worse situation.

“Overbooking” has hit the United Airlines this time. Yes! this whole scene was regarding an overbooking situation. Overbooking issue is very common with the airlines but this time it hit hard. Empty seats cost to the airlines so they start selling more tickets. If all the passengers arrive they tend to offer an inducement so that some passengers are voluntarily dropped out for the next flight. But this time the luck wasn’t in the court of United Airlines.

Starting to board the passengers the Frequent fliers and high-fare players are considered first. They are given a priority in the list. United Airlines offered a package of $400,  a hotel room for stay and a flight in the next afternoon. But no one was ready to bid. They increased the offer to $800 still there was no bidding by the people. They had to eliminate 4 passengers. luckily, a couple agreed so. But the other one caused a problem.

The man who proved to be the victim calls himself a doctor and says that he has to see the patients in the morning so for him, it is necessary to take the flight. He stood for his demands and was reluctant to leave the flight. This made the conditions worse.

When he insisted on not leaving the flight he was finally made to do so with force. Blood was clearly visible on his face and he was being dragged and forced to leave the plane. This was totally an act of brutality which was not expected from the United Airline’s management. The person seemed very upset with this behavior.

United Airlines
United Airlines controversy

The CEO of United Airlines; Oscar Munoz said that ” this is a very upsetting event. I apologize for such a re-accommodation of passengers”. he eagerly denied that this response of the cops was not ordered by the management.

United Airlines in which 613 million passengers travel yearly 46,000 are involuntarily forced to leave the flight. This act is not supported ethically and in order to maintain their public reputation, they have to work on these issues very seriously.

Lately. United Airlines have been in the controversy in which they didn’t allow 2 girls to board as they were wearing leggings. Such issues have to be sorted out with great care so that the economy and reputation of the company can be secured.