Understanding Roid Rage

It is natural to want to have a strong and firm physique. As most of us now live exceedingly busy lives, acquiring a rippling and toned body through natural methods can often feel like too great a challenge. For this reason many people turn to drugs such as steroids, not all of which are actually legal, let alone healthy. It is not true to say that all steroids are bad, in fact they are an extremely valuable medication for people suffering from a broad spectrum of illnesses and conditions. If you have taken, or are planning on taking, a type of steroid, it is vital that you are fully aware of the potential side effects and consequences. The term roid rage has become common in the media to describe the anger and loss of mental control that can be associated with abuse of these drugs.

Before we delve into the problems that can be associated with the use of steroids, it is of value to have a basic understanding of what these drugs are and exactly how they work in the body. Steroids are a synthetic substance that are related to male hormones such as testosterone. In fact, they mimic the way such hormones usually impact on out physical well being and mental state.

In moderate doses they can be extremely useful, for this reason they are often given to hospital patients prior to surgery, as well as those individuals recovering from a major operation. Mild steroids can also be used to treat a range of infections. It was only fairly recently that a black market has developed in the body building industry for these compounds. Athletes and sportspeople can enhance their performance if taking these drugs for a prolonged period, though in most professional sports their usage is strictly prohibited.

As with any drug, steroids should only be used in a controlled setting and under guidance from a recognized medical expert. Roid rage is an issue that has come to the public’s attention after a number of high profile cases involving wrestlers and other sportspeople who have lost control of their rational state of mind, resulting in violent and aggressive acts. An overuse of these drugs result in overreactions that should not normally take place. Basically, steroids can exaggerate impulses that we can normally keep under control. For example, if you have a grudge or disliking of an individual, you may shout at them but not raise your fists, if taking steroids there is every chance you will lash out physically.

It should be noted that not everyone taking these drugs will end up a threat to society, but that does not mean that roid rage is rare. As the basic way in which steroids impact the body results in more testosterone, there will always be some extra assertiveness that is felt. If you feel that you are losing control of your rational mind after using the medication, you will need to take action to prevent the situation spiraling out of control.

It is extremely dangerous to stop steroids immediately, medical experts suggest that only through a gradual withdrawal can serious damage be prevented. You should try and find methods to calm down your mind if you feel anger and rage swelling up inside, this should involve shutting yourself in a room away from other people. It can even be of value to try and meditate and control your breathing until the anger subsides.

If you feel that your steroid use is bringing to the fore an underlying psychiatric problem, it is important to seek expert guidance at the earliest opportunity. Remember that all doctors and GP’s swear by an oath of confidentiality. If taking black market steroids, you should not feel that you cannot approach a professional for help. If you believe that there is a problem you should make an appointment with a trained psychiatrist or your family doctor at the earliest opportunity, do not wait until you end up committing a violent act.

There is no evidence to suggest that certain people are more prone to roid rage than others. That being said, there seems to be a correlation between long term abuse of steroids and a tendency to be overly aggressive. A small amount of steroid usage at irregular intervals in one’s life should not necessarily lead to a problem developing. As with any medication, it is important to follow the correct advice and the right usage guidelines, self medication will often lead to problems developing.

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