UFC Fight Night: John Lineker vs. John Dodson showcases the fact that they both are a tough fighter. Both have potential and have equal chances to win the match. The game is going to be highly exciting. These two former fighters bring nonstop action and high-quality knockouts through the match. Predictions state that it is going to be an entertaining game.

Though these two have the equal potential to win the title, Dodson has some inactivity in his momentum just for losing in past fights. So, this is predictable that he might have some problem in his action during the fight. In fact, some sources state Dodson will not be able to give a tough fight to Linker. But that doesn’t mean that the match will be only one sided to Linker. Dodson also has the skill to bounce back.

UFC Fight Night: John Lineker vs. John Dodson presents the fact that audience will enjoy the game on Saturday evening. They are the superior fighters, so there can be any twist and turns on the match day. Linker has the possible way to win the game. Through the UFC games, he has proved his potential and planned to put in his best effort to gain the title.

UFC Fight Night  John Lineker vs. John Dodson Stats

Note : These Stats are from ufc.com You Let us know in comments who will win.


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