Uconn Women S Basketball

Uconn Women S Basketball had a turn over:

Winning and losing is part of the game but the pain that the losers feel tell that there is nothing more shameful than that. International Sports have seen many streaks that broke miserably but there was a largest streak which nobody could dream of broken so easily. There was a major breakthrough in Uconn Women S Basketball when the Huskies lost the most important match in the Women S Basketball history. The record holder team Uconn Women S Basketball team lost it’s streak of 111 victories to the Bulldogs Friday night. It was definitely the most upsetting match for the Uconn Women S Basketball fans who never would’ve thought that their mighty team would fall so miserably against the least favorite team. Mississippi State surely pulled a great effort in bringing down the most favorite team Uconn Women S Basketball in national semifinals. This was the Uconn Women S Basketball team’s fifth consecutive run for the national title. Throughout this journey, they kept a high ranking record filled with victories and glorious titles and the Uconn Women S Basketball was indeed the fabulous of all before this Friday which came as a thunder towards their fans and swept away all hopes for a streak saving win.

What exactly happened:

Uconn Women S Basketball
Uconn Women S Basketball

The Huskies had a shocking loss of 66-64 during the overtime which led to a shameful loss against the Bulldogs. The Huskies didn’t play efficiently in the second half which gave the Bulldogs a chance to make continuous shots. A defeated game can be controlled and regained by working together and with greater zeal but the Uconn Women S Basketball lacked that courage the other night when they couldn’t control the game and it all went south with a shameful defeat ending their greatest streak. Last season, Uconn Women S Basketball team was most favorite when they brought down Bulldogs by a 60 points win which was a historical win indeed but this time, lucky ones were the Bulldogs who managed to get to the National finals at Sunday.

Uconn Women S Basketball Team previous records:

Uconn Women S Basketball has a history of great records which are both mesmerizing and now a sad reminder for the Huskies. Everyone know their top wins against bulldogs holding a mind boggling streak of 36-0 which is now 36-1. The Uconn Women S Basketball has been topped the rankings many times during their mighty streak of 111 victories and the always-victorious Uconn Women S Basketball team never ranked below 3rd position during this whole time. The mighty Huskies had a history of defeating the top ranked teams with a huge margin. They have a record of 9 wins over the top 5 ranked teams which is yet to be broken. During their streak of 111, the Uconn Women S Basketball won two national titles too which is again a glorious record. They had a glorious record of consecutive victories over the major and minor opponents before and after the winning streak that started in 2014 and now came to a sad ending in 2017. These years have been very good for the Uconn Women S Basketball  because of their victorious track in the game. There came time when the Uconn Women S Basketball would restrict the opponents to only 2,4 points which shows their strength in the game during the past years and until this end. Mississippi State was never a problematic team for the Huskies as they have beaten them many times in a streak of winnings which was also shattered into pieces this friday. Huskies were still unbeaten with great winnings of 36-0 when they entered the court for semifinal. But it was written in the fate of mighty ones that Uconn Women S Basketball would lose in a miserable way, going back home with a burdon of 36-1

After all the struggle, Uconn Women S Basketball players are still hopeful for the incoming season and they are ready to reclaim their strength by accepting the challenge for their reputation. Uconn Women S Basketball fans should not lose their faith in their favorite team because there is still no other mighty team that the Huskies, good and bad times come but Huskies have a history of hardships and winning. Uconn Women S Basketball has no other option but to prepare for the next season now and put all their effort in removing the current plague and regaining their strength as Huskies. Bulldogs, having a score of 34-4, will now face South Carolina in the finals and everyone is now looking forward toward the National title final which is announced for Sunday night. Lastly, every Uconn Women S Basketball fan should know that:

            “The Best teams play for each other, not with each other”

                                                                                                (Jeff Van Gundy)