'Two Trains Runnin' Movie Review
'Two Trains Runnin' Movie Review

Two trains runnin ‘is forgotten the desire of the two blues singers, held in Mississippi during the height of the civil rights movement.

'Two Trains Runnin' Movie Review

Both trains Sam Pollard Runnin ‘brings a new perspective to family history three civil rights activists in Mississippi tragically killed in the summer of 1964 in his narrative framework of free summer portrait of young white blues fans who traveled the state that provides the documentation more than the sum of his Parts equally fascinating.

The film, which tells of Common, tells how three friends, inspired by the latest new discoveries from old stars of Blues Bukka White and Mississippi John Hurt, from Cambridge, Mass., In search of the legendary country blues music Son House, Mississippi. Almost simultaneously guitarist John Fahey, along with two others, went to California, hoping Skip James, another old blues star, who mysteriously disappeared from the field of view.

Pollard concurrent missions these stories with a report on how young activists, many white college students have ventured into the deep south to venture black voters to help. Volunteers have been faced with hostility and aggression of the local white population; In the most notorious case members of the Ku Klux Klan killed three young civil rights activists – James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwermer. In a notable coincidence, the killings took the same day or less, where fans found the two musicians, each continuing to continue his musical career.

The film contains archive material, animated interludes, and contemporary interviews with some of the actors and historian Taylor Branch. It also presents classic blues songs performances by contemporary artists such as Luther Dickinson, Lucinda Williams and Gary Clark Jr.

Previous credits two episodes of television documentation badges eyes on the price filmmakers are, a large part of the object is here a trite area. But his two runnin ‘(no relationship to August Wilson’s work of the same name) trains has a new angle of particular interest to the fans of blues.

Two Trains Runnin‘ Movie Avalon Films Description :

  • Director : Samuel D. Pollard
  • Cast : Taylor Branch, Gary Clark Jr., Common
  • Editor : Dava Whisenant
  • Composers : Gary Clark Jr., Christopher North
  • Distributor : Avalon Films