'Two Lovers and a Bear' Movie Review
'Two Lovers and a Bear' Movie Review

Located in a small town near the North Pole, where the streets lead to nothing, the story follows Roman (DeHaan) and Lucy (Maslany), two glowing souls who come together to make a leap for life and the inner Peace.

'Two Lovers and a Bear' Movie Review

There are only two reasons why a person in the north, like Apex, a small town in Canada that could only live with air and isolated from the world of the province of Nunavut. Mars. Either the people born there and had no choice in the thing, or something really terrible happened in the house and ran to the farthest place they could find. Anyway, this distant station arctic outposts of broken dreams and despair, the sort of city that could be found in a Western film – a Western in the future perhaps, or the same feelings as John Carpenter “Ding”.

In “Two Lovers and Carry That” the couple from the North Pole Lucy and Roman meet in Apex for opposite reasons, but the couple met because they have almost everything in common – that is, both are damaged souls with unresolved dad problems the stability and the Protection in someone else’s arms. The forces that connect are so bare and reason as the place itself, and director Kim Nguyen’s tragic becomes co-dependent love affair with heavy sappy pain junior high poetry when there is nothing in the world no matter how they share and where outside the Spirit of the Roman ursine animals (which very well steals the show), there is nothing to get in the way.

Tatiana Maslany (“Orphan Black”) and Dane DeHaan (“the place over the pines”), as the lovers in question, the white blasphemy Nguyen is about as far as possible – both thematic and geographic – being “War Witch “Oscar candidate, though it shares the strange mixture of realism and almost mystical hallucination of the film. True to its generation, Roman and Lucy seems too young to bear such fear on his shoulders, but when not tied to fish ice or snowmobile, that only Was paralyzed by the memory of her violent parents.

Lucy’s father has disappeared, but remains in his dreams, panic attacks every time it occurs (in the form of actor John Ralston). Roman, rose to violent father, his father’s face beats so hard that he broke his ankle into the process. A beautiful mean and vague young Leonardo DiCaprio with the chops with a gun run in the mouth and makes him believe that he could pull the trigger, DeHaan is more successful than his colleagues throw the dark side of his character to play and yet it is Clear that his two performances, the Roman and Lucy need each other more than willing to admit.

The therapy would probably help (we can only imagine what kind of pills both twentysomely twens remain hidden in their medicine cabinets), but playing the game try to forget all / ignore it and pretend that someone in the world, A strategy you’ll end up literally leaping onto their snowmobiles and buzzing in the blue wide there as a massive storm storm ~~ POS = HEADCOMP approaches. They argue that love is enough to keep them in motion, and even if there is something beautiful in the idea, the last film highlighted the simplicity of the concept.

However, it was not until the Romans and Lucy separated from the small community of Apex to focus on the things between them (which was adopted in a program of biology at the university that would be the way a past was considered difficult To escaped the novel escaped the arrival at the Apex in the first place) that the movie is coming. Half of the film after giving Roman a failure to give masochistic freedom, Lucy designed the city to leave, he spent the last savings to rent a plane and visit a rehab clinic where urgently sex as an animal in a free space. For a complete novel full of fervor grandiose demonstrations and compensation, the fans are young – and therefore would be of great interest to the young people who believe in such actions – the sex scenes feel it too gross, too honest and too sad , Finally be in the same film.

More effective is the sequence that follows for some time of snow, which with others focus on their relationship, once Roman and Lucy continued on their engine sleds. In this last part of Nguyen built a series of incredible pieces, from melancholy to (Lucy says a herd reindeer, which occur in their frozen dead), quite intoxicating (episode of white survival all so amazing songs like “127 hours”). Faced with a massive storm, shelter in a huge bunker, left, clearly the date of the cold war, exploring rooms banned – including a control room that seems capable of introducing nuclear missiles to Russia – like two children’s badies.

Here in this amazing place, Nguyen actively encourages our imagination to go free fears, only tease you usually see movies in more effective terror. Since the Roman Surrealists were a polar bear in front of the film (more to say would spoil the surprise of the movie), everything seems possible: scanning a can of spam maybe be irradiated 30 years, the characters might become a “thing” for example, or perhaps alone They are not in what feels like the most lonely place on earth alternating.

Either way, in the latter part, Nguyen turned what seemed to be a relatively generic love story indie and novel to be something completely unpredictable, lens panorama screen maximizing the atmosphere and the magic of their places to convey the northern lights). The last picture of the film is an incredible and poignant emotion whose foundation is based on what at the time seemed fleeting scenes in its first few minutes, and for the few who see this film, this will end up the whole experience impossible to forget.

‘Two Lovers and a Bear’ Movie Description :

  • Director : Kim Nguyen
  • Written : Kim Nguyen
    • Stars : Tatiana Maslany, Dane DeHaan, Gordon Pinsent

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