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Twitter is a widely used online app that enables its users to send and read short and precise messages comprising of 140 characters, these messages are termed as tweets. Twitter can be used by several means ranging from SMS to mobile based apps. The tweets posted by the users are publicly visible to viewers either they are associated with the Twitter or not they can read the tweets to write a tweet you need to own a Twitter account.

In order to receive a person’s tweet one can subscribe to the tweets by a simple button named as follow on the screen. Upon following the pair can view, re-tweet and like each other tweets. Besides this, there are several other options available which can be explored by using the facility. The only problem associated with the people using twitter is the length of messages and tweets that can be composed on the site. This length is very short if you are planning to be expressive in your thoughts or you are just master of words. A few rumors regarding the expansion of Tweets is explained in the article below.

There had been news associated with twitter that the San Francisco-based company would be expanding the length of Tweets to about 2,000 words or roughly speaking about 10,000 characters in which Twitter usually deals with. The expansion of characters was rumored in January after a Tweet from Dorsey, who mentioned that the new coming tweets will comprise of screenshots of texts, it doesn’t matter whether the screenshots are a real text. Complicated stuff! These rumors were of great interest for the users who want to express their feelings more expressively. Though there is an option named “Tweet Storm” which helps to post successive tweets in chronological order that describes a single argument.

Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s CEO and co-founder neglected this rumor clearly in a release. Dorsey said that there ain’t any plans for expanding the number of characters. He mentioned further that the character length for a tweet won’t exceed more than 140 character limit. The reason for the cause is to have a sense of professional atmosphere. “It’s staying,” he said. “It’s a good constraint for us and it allows for of-the-moment brevity.” The company will come up with the better ways to help users post screenshots of text, or it has to devise some other means of dealing with longer texts.

Keeping a character limit of 140 determines that the feature is too much a part of company’s scrap. Besides the hard work and providing the core feature the company’s users are constantly falling. As per the record, twitter’s monthly active users are declined by 3 million. The reason for this decline is still unreported. In the latest press release owners of the social media site are only planning to improve the services offered by their site, they don’t seem to produce a gadget of their company, opening an app store or planning to move in the hardware market. The main emphasis on twitter is to be short and precise. That’s why we say twitter is for professionals only.


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