tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4
(Credits : Youtube)

In an effort to gradually improve their software for mobile devices, Apple has released another beta update the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4. The tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 adds some performance improvements to the existing software and bug fixes as well. Apple fans will be glad to know that the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 is available now for download.

Note that the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 update is only available for developers. That being said those who have yet to purchase an Apple Developer Program membership will not be able to get early access to the new update. Moreover, for those users who are already using the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 on their Apple TV 4, once the latest tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 is out, it will be very easy to upgrade from there. All the user will need to accomplish is to first turn on the Apple TV 4 device, then proceed to the ‘Settings’ app, from there the user must find the ‘System > Software Updates’. In the last screen the user should see if the desired update is already available for download, if it is, you can install it immediately.

It is strongly advised to keep the unit powered on during the installation process to avoid any issue with the process, keep in mind that the update may take a few minutes to complete.

Those lucky individuals who are hold an Apple Developer Program membership will get to update their devices right away, the advantage is in a situation that the user is already having issues with the known bugs on the Apply TV 4, then the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 will definitely fix those.

There have already been numerous betas for the device and all of which are done in the name of provided the best possible final version of the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4. There is yet to be any news as to when the tvOS 10.0.1 Beta 4 final version will be released. Stay tuned on JBHNews for more updates.


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