Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim thanks supporters after Turkish Referendum!

Binali Yildirim Turkish Prime minister thanks supporters for making democracy triumphant!

Binali Yildirim the Turkish Prime minister caste his vote in Izmir and later on gave a speech thanking his supporters. This constitutional change is for people and by people. Prime minister also went on to say that those who voted against this referendum are shaking hands with terrorists.

Turkish Referendum has divided Turkey in to two poles but we have a winner now with Tayyip Edrogan’s camp leading with 52%. It is a narrow win but still.

Turkish Prime minster's speech
Turkish Prime Minister gives speech after Tayyip Edrogan’s camp wins Turkey Referendum

Tayyip Edrogan Turkish President is currently addressing the nation live right now. Tayyip Edrogan has made history today by winning the referendum. Even though it was a narrow win but still it is such a victorious moment for people of Turkey.

This is a developing story… Stay tuned.