He Trains Like a Dragon! Big Ramy Shared Secrets of Effective Leg Day!

Big Ramy missed this year’s Olympia, however, he claims he never misses a day of training. He managed to keep low abs fat. This time the sportsman is preparing to demonstrate his upgraded physique somewhere else but Olympia. Recently the sportsman’s coach gave an interview, where he revealed that Big Ramy was going to take part in one of the major professional bodybuilding contests. Due to his words, Ramy will join the contest in a few weeks.

While the bodybuilder decided to keep silent about the details of his future challenge, he’s happy to reveal some of his training secrets. Ramy posted a video of one of his latest workouts, promising he will teach his fans to train like a dragon.

The video is great proof that Ramy stays in super great shape and is ready to hit the contest. While it’s impossible to evaluate the sportsman’s transformation in a proper way, there are no doubts he didn’t waste his time and build an incredible physique.

It was a big disappointment not to see Big Ramy at the 2019 Olympia contest, as most of his fans were intrigued to see how effective his new training approach was. However, the sportsman is in a hurry to make his followers happy and plans a great performance for the upcoming competition.

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