Train Like Granddad: Arnold Schwarzenegger Showed How to Stay Strong At 73!

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the famous grandfather of today’s bodybuilding. And he’s definitely super cool! The sports legend is 73. Yet he’s still in great shape. The greatest “A” revealed some unusual exercises that make him look and feel strong.

When most public gyms stay closed, you are probably sick of watching sports celebrities working out in their luxurious private gyms. If so, videos of Arnold Schwarzenegger will be an eye-candy for you! The 73 y.o. legend proves: ‘You need minimum facilities and maximum desire to build a great body’.

Ralf Moeller, an old fellow of Schwarzenegger, shared a short video fragment of Arni’s workout. The former champion exercises outdoors, doing strict curls. Despite his age, Schwarzenegger looks super strong and fit. He lifts some serious weights and doesn’t even look tired!

Arnold’s lifestyle is another proof of how little age may mean. There’s no right time to deny all the beautiful opportunities of this life and stop caring about your health and image. Being a role model for thousands of people, Schwarzenegger finds new ways to motivate them for a better living.

Fans of the sportsman thanked him for a new portion of inspiration. ‘He is the king!’, ‘True Gladiator’, ‘Legend!’ – some followers commented.

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