Top Ten Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions: Celebs are always in the spotlight — literally in all places they go, a camera is usually waiting. Accept it: If you were in that situation it will be fairly hard to keep it all together. Particularly when it comes to wardrobe malfunctions.

These stars have all experienced a clothing malfunction or two, an awkward incident that is basically unavoidable when you live your life on camera. We appreciate these celebs for keeping composure throughout it all. We probably couldn’t do it.

#1-Khloe Kardashian

This Kardashian sister showed off just a little side boob — only, she does not appear to know that she’s doing it.


#2-Anne Hathaway
And finally, Anne flashed a tad bit too much at her Les Miserables premiere in 2012.


#3-Jennifer Garner
Garner unintentionally showed off her Spanx on the red carpet.

Jennifer Garner Wardrobe-Malfunctions

#4-Phoebe Price
Her back is smiling just as much as she is.


#5-Reverse Marilyn
Whoever she is, at least she put on a nude bra.


#6-Jessica Alba
Alba experienced the same trouble — damn those subway grates.

Jessica Alba Wardrobe-Malfunctions

At the Met Gala, the New Zealand singer-songwriter experienced an unlucky clothing malfunction – she does not seem to mind, though.


#8-Kelly Brook
The English model, actress and tv presenter exposed off a little bit too much on the red carpet.

Kelly Brook Wardrobe-Malfunctions

#9-Kim Kardashian
Something indicates that Kim did not mean for her skirt to be this sheer.


#10-Chrissy Teigen
This super high dress split should have been so irritating to deal with all night long.


#11-Tara Reid
Tara had not a clue that her entire boob had slipped out.


More Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Will be added Soon……………..