The rap legend Eminem has just turned 44 and some fans worry that with age, comes a slowing down in career, however, Slim Shady has no plans of halting his production of musical genius. To celebrate Marshall Bruce Mathers III’s birthday, here are five of his top hits.

Looking back on how this rap god from Detroit started out his legendary career, he mostly participated in the underground rap battles in Motown, after that the rest was history. The moment Slim Shady met Dr. Dre is, most believed that the collaboration wouldn’t bear good fruit since Dr. Dre is black and Eminem is white, following the stereotype, he shouldn’t be a good rapper or can’t rap at all.

However, despite all the negativities in the atmosphere, it was deemed a perfect match, both were able to captivate the whole audience, black and white and everyone eventually listened and appreciated the musical genius of Eminem. Since then, the rap legend has released a lot of albums and singles and most of his works of are chart toppers. Currently, Eminem has more than 20 songs and there is even another album in the making.

To celebrate Eminem’s 44th birthday, here are some of the top 5 hits of Eminem as per the record sales and popularity. The single “Lose Yourself” many agree that this is the most real song in his portfolio. The sales of this song hit the top and even won Eminem a Grammy for best natural song or rap song. Moreover, some may remember this song from the movie 8 Mile. The song also tells the story of Slim Shady. Another notable song is “Stan” which was about a fan who was so obsessed with his idol that he himself forgets that there are more beautiful things in the world aside from the idol his eyes are set on. The Song “Not Afraid” Is the song that shows how Eminem got to where he is today, everything that h e had to go through and all the painful things he had to endure. “When I’m Gone” is a song remembered because it is full of emotion, is a song that somewhat shares something about his daughter’s life, which he rarely does. Lastly “Sing For The Moment” Is an inspirational rap song that will remind you to live your life to the fullest.

Eminem has spent 44 years on this earth and he has spent most of it providing us with captivating rap music that will be remembered throughout history. Happy Birthday, Eminem!


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