Top 5 Bikini Athletes Are Ready To Shake It at the Olympia 2018

Just a few days left before the Olympia 2018 and all the bodybuilders put their last efforts to get their victory at the most-anticipated bodybuilding show of the year.

Sure, all women in the Bikini division intent on winning. Angelica Teixeira, the current champion, will be defending her crown for the first time. However, the competition is going to be tough. This year, top women athletes are really strong, beautiful, and fit, and each of them deserves the first place.

Top 5 strongest Bikini athletes are working hard on their physiques and each of them looks to be worthy of the champion title.

Angelica Teixeira

This amazing fitness model from Brazil is Ms. Olympia 2017. Her accomplishments within bikini contests are impressive. She gained the prestigious Ms. Bikini Olympia title within just three years since her first competition.

Of course, her way towards glory is not so hassle-free. She couldn’t build a great career of a personal trainer and fitness model in the States because of her poor English.

But her ambitions were stronger and she mastered English to create her remarkable career in personal coaching and bikini competitions.

Let’s wish Angelica the best of luck at the Olympia 2018.

Jen Ronzitti

This bikini beauty is an example of a hard-working athlete, while she started her bodybuilding career at 30 when she realized she was unhappy with her physique.

She is a motivation for anyone; she worked hard to achieve her goals and earned her pro card by 2014.

We hope she will reach her goal at the Olympia 2018 as well.

Casey Samsel-Torres

If you can be consistent, you can be great. If you can persevere, you will see success. Every small goal is a stepping stone toward your ultimate greatness, wrote Casey on her Instagram post. Let us wish her success at the Olympia 2018!

Romina Basualdo

An athlete, a fitness model, and a designer. Romina is the first Argentinian Bikini Fitness who got PRO Card and represented her country in the professional IFBB League. We hope her dreams come true at the Olympia 2018!

Narmin Assria

This IFBB Pro athlete began training in the gym at 21 and won her first competition and the Pro Card just within a year.

Who of these top five bikini stars is going to win?

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