'Tonio' Movie Review
'Tonio' Movie Review

After the death of Tonio, 21, in an Autounfall, Romanciers their parents face pain and regret when they suffer from the agony of the loss of their only child.

'Tonio' Movie Review

Pain is an emotional attempt with no form or structure. Some self-help books can also speak of its phases, but the mourning process can be as a piece of rope so long, no less likely to initiate and complete. This anomaly is something, “Tonio” understands: Based on the history of the renowned Dutch novel Adri van der Heijden the death of his 21-year-old son, the film by Paula van der Oest thinking reflects the psyche broken his characters in his survival restless , Oblique and linear chronology, stage construction artistically cut. If it gets stalled, however, it is in its rather nebulous that these people have lived before they were dismantled by a traffic accident late at night. Simply as it is in the community with their fate in a universal sense, human traits are less intense to complain about.

However, the style was often “tonio” and abilities of tears to get rid of at least as many international exhibitions make in the Festival Zus and Zo production of 2001 for the Oest van der Oscar nominated – L entry into the Oscars foreign language this year, traction similar price to win. At the national level, where van der Heijden book was a bestseller, the film earned more than $ 1.1 million since its launch in October a rugged figure for such a hard work. In areas where van der Heijden and his book are volumes less known, “Tonio” is a more difficult to sell to traders.

“I am writing this, but not for the rest of his soul.So van der Heijden (played by Pierre Bokma) directed her child, in an introduction died off voice raised directly from the book.The adaptation of Hugo Heinen did not hesitate to sound Openly literary, also poetic intimacy of a memory of pain is more difficult to fake display narrative and stylistic, “tonio” is the glittered beginning. Like the scenes broken and based, between the exposure alternating and pure atmosphere, the soul of the film is feared .

Tonio (Chris Peters), a mild and creative child Adri and his wife Mirjam (Rifka Lodeizen), was fatally hit by a car driver at home late in the night, their injured child leaving on parents to reflect raw parts of his life. This has left more the interpersonal dynamics of this broken family. Also due to the advanced perspective of the film, Adri is often portrayed as perhaps his closest and dearest inscrutable figure, as well as the public – despite the strong embrace of Bokma. Mirjam remains an underdeveloped figure; Just as the movie shows the distance that a lost child can leave between parents, it is hard not to ask how the loss and feels at his side.

At least one story claims that a piece of the mind is wandering, then the film casually moves in the family album – Tonio as a neglected child in a scene as a student and embittered in the next shows what likely to fuzzy the parents their own development. The editor Sander His ability to keep the film in rough chronological sequence, sometimes places with different events – the most obvious, but in reality, the spaces in which Tonio and outside the world correspond. The film director Guido van Gennep, meanwhile playfully matched light and color the nature of the memory: some flashbacks are literally rose, while the gray and blue predominant in this.

The next thing, a narrative of behavior in this mysterious sense otherwise impressionistic portrait in insensational in a potential woman in the life of Tonio. Despite an interlude of the morbid imagination, in which the father took his son for a romantic maneuver, is a development that could set even more spectators in the heads of Nanni Moretti’s similar theme, but more prosaically winner golden palm “my son’s room” . To do own weak, desperate research, in the absence of anything else, “Tonio” draws the revealing and how to move a study of different subjects of the lives of our loved ones we see during that they live.

‘Tonio’ Movie Description :

Directed : Paula van der Oest

Written : A.F. Th. van der Heijden, Hugo Heinen

Cast : Nick Vorsselman, Pierre Bokma, Rifka Lodeizen, Henri Garcin, Stefanie van

Produced : Alain de Levita, Sytze van der Laan, Sabine Brian. Executive producers, Ronald Versteeg, Joris van Wijk