Tom Platz Revealed Some Interesting Facts About His Training and Victories


Ric Drasin stopped competing years ago. However, his passion for bodybuilding is just as strong as at the times of his great fame. This time, the former bodybuilder works to make the sport more popular.

He keeps and shares rare information about the greatest epoch of the sport – the Golden Era of bodybuilding! Ric has become a real chronologist of the sport, sharing stories that can never be found in articles and books about bodybuilding.

Often, Drasin shares his own memories connected to his own career or to old friendship with some of the sports legends of the time. Sometimes Ric shares general facts, describing training routine of the Golden Era champions.

Moreover, Ric also invites other bodybuilders who used to be incredibly successful years ago. Just a few weeks ago, Ric interviewed his colleague and an old friend Franco Columbu. This time, Drasin decided to talk to another great figure in the sport.

Ric invited Tom Platz to share some of his stories and memories with the sports fans. Tom has become one of the most popular bodybuilders in history and he definitely has what to say.

Platz is known for his incredible physique, however, the thing that made him especially popular is his insanely muscled legs. Tom was called “Quadzilla” and developed the body that nobody else could have.

Now, when the sports career of Tom is ended, he is still an inspiration for thousands of bodybuilders around the world.




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