‘Today Will Be Different’ Julia Roberts Has Signed To Play in Her First TV Series

'Today Will Be Different' Julia Roberts to Star in TV Series

Julia Roberts has signed to play in her first TV series ‘Today Will Be Different’

'Today Will Be Different' Julia Roberts to Star in TV Series

Julia Roberts joins the star in a television series based on limited sold Roman Maria Semple Today will be different, photos Annapurna. Roberts also produce, with Semple aboard the adaptation to write. This is the first new series announced under the new initiative of Annapurna Television, led by founder and CEO of Megan Ellison and President Sue Naegle Television.

Today, according to Eleanor flood will be different, definitely a bit of a disaster, while it was decided that today is the day to deal with the things that were overlooked. Of course, life will pass in the way of success as a sick child, wandering man, and a former colleague of memories fall derail his modest plan. One day today will be different is the reinvention, fraternity, and how sometimes you have to deal with our past to start really living.

Roberts will produce the series through his Red Om Films banner with Semple, Ellison and Naegle as executive producers. The series is a return to television Roberts, who recently appeared in the HBO movie The Normal Heart and also marks the return to television by Semple, who has written for Arrested Development and Mad About You.

UTA negotiated the deal on behalf of Semple, Echo ICM partner Annastein also made for editing. CAA brokered the deal on behalf of Roberts.

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