Titanfall 2 Customization Options Highlighted
(Credits: Youtube)

Art director Joel Emslie, in a new trailer, has revealed that there will be a huge number of visual customizations made to make the game’s experience more exciting and enjoyable to the players. These customization options will be seen in the pilot as well as Titan sequels.

Following the second technical test that happened a couple of weeks ago, Respawn Entertainment who are the developers of the game has been working round the clock to make sure Titanfall 2 is ready in line with the scheduled October launch. The developer has also been revealing more information regarding the game.

Last week, fans were treated to a surprise as the first major reveal was released, which saw the action of all six Titan classes including the hard hitting Ronin, and the defensive juggernaut Legion. This week the news about the game came to limelight after a new trailer showed the level of customization, which has been introduced into the sequel.

In the new video featuring voice over work of art director Joel Emslie, it shows a big number of visual customizations options, which will give players a more thrilling experience. The players are now able to access these customizations inside of Titanfall 2.

Among the options include the ability of players to opt to apply different camouflage to their weapon, pilot, and Titan.

Another feature that is revealed is the new appearance of the cloak pilot, which is among the few options that were seen during the technical test period. For instance, the pilot wears some ghillie suit fur, especially around the neck and shoulder in addition to the bulky armor. Titanfall 2 may not allow players to alter things such as guns; nonetheless, the new customizations are going to expand the features that had been offered previously.


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