Titanfall 2
(Credits: YouTube)

EA’s much-awaited game is soon to be launched and the company is now offering an exclusive bonus for players of Battlefield 1. According to a post on Titanfall’s Twitter account, the bonus is a red baron-styled skin. The skin similar to the one that Manfred Von Richthofen used on Fokker Dr.I triplane. The bonuses do not stop there, cosmetic skins are waiting for the customers of Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Buffalo Wild Wings. Moreover, access to the COlliseum will be given as well via the promotion.

Fans have a lot to prepare for and look forward to on October 28, 2016, when Titanfall 2 is finally released.

There was a preview released from IGN that showcased Titanfall’s multiplayer mode and it is indeed amazing with its smooth transition with the pilots and titans alike. The changes that were implemented into the game is said to not affect the gameplay of Titanfall 2.

Moreover, the new game will also let the players maneuver the pilots with haste regardless of how difficult the area of the map is. According to the website, Titanfall 2 will also be revisiting old game modes plus all the new game modes,too making the new game very much entertaining for old players and new players alike. Bounty Hunt mode is one of the favorites whereas two teams of five players will engage the AI waves to farm cash. The said cash will have to be deposited in the terminals that can be found around the map in order for it to be added to your team’s total. Note that the new game will pick up where it left off in its predecessor.


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