Titanfall 2
(Image: EA)

As far as highs and lows for the tech test this week, there are a few standout mentions. The biggest feature added that I was impressed with was the adjustment of pilot mobility, which makes movement very similar to the first installment that most gamers are familiar with. I do prefer fast pilots, as it introduces more competitive pace for gameplay. Now on to the feature, I disliked the most – the Titan meter.

Progression towards a getting a titan in a Titanfall 2 match will be heavily reliant of how fast you can fill your Titan meter, via completing objectives or killing enemies. If you play poorly, there’s a high chance that you get rewarded nothing. Nada. No Titan. This increases the difficulty somewhat, and I’m not sure that will sit well with most players.

Nevertheless, this round of testing was still a great experience for players like me to see exactly where the game currently stands as we near its October 28 release date. Granted, I’d still like to see PC players get at least one round of Beta testing in, to ensure that the PC version doesn’t turn out to be a poor console port.

With only a couple of months to go and no more rounds of tech testing, players will have to make do with a final few hours to test, ending at 9 PM EST. Beyond that, the waiting begins, unless you’ve pre-ordered or are subscribed to EA’s Origin Access, which will grant you a few days of early access to get a head start over other players.


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