Titanfall 2
(Credits : Youtube)

Titanfall 2 is an upcoming video game which will be published by Electronics Arts. It will be released for Microsoft Window, PlayStation 4 and Xbox . Steve Fukuda is the director of the game. Drew McCoy is the producer, and the design of the game has  been done by Todd Alderman and Mackey Mc Candlish. This is the single and multi-player game. This particular game is absolutely a first person shooter game where gamers can control both the Titans and the Pilots. The game is going to be more accessible to new players

Titanfall 2 presents seven new features through the game. Some of the gameplay mechanics include a mechanic and pulse blade, and a pilot named holo. Every mechanics have its features. One can make points through completing the levels. The pulse blade represents the feature about a throwing knife which reveals all the locations of the nearby enemies.

The users of the first part of Titanfall are eagerly waiting for the new part to launch. The game is nominated for “Best of Show” and “Best Action Game”. It has won the award under “Best Online Multiplayer” category this year. The creators are satisfied by the reviews. They are getting some favorable feedback from the users. So, it is expected that game is going to be quite popular.


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