With e-marketing reaching to new horizons, customers are now eager to make and receive payments through mobile. In other word, we are witnessing a new era of mobile payments in near future that would truly make the phenomena of business transactions as the swiftest one.

Apple Pay is undoubtedly the fastest growing and highly praised phenomena of mobile payments. The reason of its exceptional quality service and fast processing has made it the best application of Apple. Although, the coolest application has reached most of European and Asian market, still, the Apple Pay system is hurdled by banks that are not in favor of this mode of payment.

Although, the service quality is so amazing, still, Apple Pay has been criticized for taking secret commission for Apple pay purchase in China and that is why, most of the users in other parts of the world are eyeing this mobile payment technology with suspicion.

The latest buzz about Apple Pay is that it will get rolled out in China before the Chinese Spring Festival and thus will be a huge achievement for Apple. Moreover, we expect that the device would draw millions of fans from The biggest market that rely on Apple services.


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