The awe-inspiring 12-inch tablet run by Intel’s latest Core m7 chipset is undoubtedly going to be one of the most amazing offerings from Lenovo. The gadget that is expected to be released in February may define the beginning of a new generation of tablets.

Apparently, ThinkPad X1 has an appearance like other Windows tablets; however, by attaching three modules to the bottom would help you to convert it into a laptop, projector, and even a 3D camera. The inclusion of a pico projector is truly mind-blowing and which can project a 60-inch display, thus making things pretty amazing for you when it comes to multiple usage.

The inclusion of Intel’s RealSense camera has so many diverse usages, and most importantly, it captures and edits objects for 3D printing. Lenovo is proud of introducing 3D imaging to the tablet phenomenon. The coolest thing about this device is that you can place a 3D camera at the bottom of the device and that would really lemmatize it to just capturing objects.

The nicest application is found in the case of ThinkPad X1 keyboard that is a full with a TrackPoint and track pad and which will make your office work so much easy. The 3D camera, additional battery and ports modules are the reasons, this tablet would enjoy such a huge fame because folks are fed up with conventional tablets and they want something new.

Let’s see how much acclaim this gadget enjoys!

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