The story line of the upcoming movie “They’re watching“ lies on the American home development TV show which are going through ups and down but take a huge turn when comes to a distant Eastern European village. The young team had no clue what will happen and consider the problems like absence of mocha lattés and free Wi-Fito be the worst. But afterward their filming disturbs the irrational villagers’ secretive religious ceremony, the position turns massively for the murderous point of view and soon the blood and panic follows them that’s when things get totally out of hand.

Mostly people who saw Shaun of the Dead and Zombie land will definitely like comedy-horror genre splurges. Movie “They’re Watching” trailer appears to be on the same note and should be ton of fun and the circumstance that it creates a pitch in some specific film and pop culture situations just enhances the scenario. A special change they add is ending with the trailer “We are Americans!” initiates the joke home with glee.

The main theme lies on the superstitious villager’s secretive spiritual ceremony, the state of condition for crew after the interruption in the ceremony changes completely and goes towards completely homicidal. There is a sequence of chase and horror with the touch of blood trail that’s only get weirder as the movie continues. Using this story of “They’re Watching”, writer and directors Micah Wright and Jay Lender,try a definitive horror idea upside down to make a fresh, humorous turn on the genre. It appears that there is a lot to appreciate in “They’re Watching”, however it is still difficult to know if the visual effects are excellent or just made for TV scenes.


This is the story of an American TV team who gets stuck in a centuries-old web of retaliation, fear and blood when their home development show is condemned by irritated Eastern European villagers who wants to kill the show’s star.


  • Brigid Brannaghas Becky Westlake
  • Carrie Genzel as Kate Banks
  • David Alpayas Greg Abernathy
  • Kris Lemcheas Alex Torini
  • Dimitri Diatchenko as Vladimir Filat
  • Mia Faith as Sarah EllroyPuiu
  • Mircea Lascus as Axeman Cristian
  • Balintas Goran Potsnik
  • CiciCaramanas Old Hag
  • George Grigoreas Village Priest
  • Adriana Bogdan as Village Punk
  • Adrian Anghelas Camera Hater
  • Bogdan Gutaas Village Brute
  • AndreeaMateiuas Waitress
  • Andrei Morariuas Hotel Clerk
  • MirceaBujoreanuas President of Moldova
  • Ion Talposas Pavolvka Villager
  • Gheorghe Craft as Pavolvka Villager
  • Tatiana Dumitruas Pavolvka Villager
  • IlieFitias Pavolvka Villager
  • Ion Munteanuas Pavolvka Villager
  • NiculaeCristeaas Pavolvka Villager
  • Aura Petreas Pavolvka Villager
  • Alina Predescuas Pavolvka Villager
  • Flavius Chircaas Pavolvka Villager
  • Cornel Carsteaas Pavolvka Villager
  • Manuela Cojocaras Pavolvka Villager
  • Eduard Buneaas Pavolvka Villager
  • IliePuscasas Pavolvka Villager


The movie trailer can be seen easily on the following link of YouTube.

Release Date:

The movie will be release in American on March 25, 2016.


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