General Election will commence in the U.K on June 8!

Theresa May calls for General Election.
PM Theresa May announces General Election, London, UK – 18 Apr 2017
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What is happening? There will be a General Election in June?

The Prime Minister for U.K Theresa May has called for General election on the 8th of June, 2017. The residents of U.K will visit the polls in exactly 51 days.
The Spokesperson for the Prime Minister claimed that there is not the slightest possibility of elections in the upcoming months. The spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May made these statements less than a month ago. He completely negated the possibility of General Elections A lot has changed in the political scenario in the past one month.

No final verdict can be given as the parliament has yet to give a green signal to the General Election notion. The next election was scheduled for 2020. Since this is an early election, 2/3 of the parliament has to favor this notion.

Will the MP’s support Theresa May’s decision?

Surely, why not!

While a lot of people are favoring this notion some are clearly against it as Helen Goodman tweeted against it. She mentioned in her tweet that the Prime Minister has a huge responsibility of Article 50. Helen Goodman also stated that the Prime Minister should not lose her focus.

If this notion is approved the parliament will be dissolved in next twenty-five working days. This is done so the politicians can focus on campaigning.

So the question is Why did Theresa May call for General Election?

Earlier this year Theresa May came into power, she was not selected by people. She had to take these responsibilities because David Cameron resigned from his post. All this was due to Brexit, when U.K decided to leave Europe.

Where does the Media stand in all this?

According to the new rule, there shall be no prejudice on the part of media. The news agency are advised to give equal run time to every single candidate.

What is your say on General Elections? Are you a supporter of this notion?

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