winds of winter release date
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Fans of the epic book series will be glad to know that yet another installment of George R.R. Martin series “A Song Of Ice And Fire” is expected for release sometime in 2018. The book “The Winds Of Winter” has until 2018 before it is officially delayed. We sure hope that won’t be the case!

As the wait continues fans of the series, be it the novels or the TV adaptation, are tirelessly looking for more information on the secrets of Westeros. Theorycrafters everywhere are trying to stay ahead of what the HBO series and “The Winds Of Winter” will reveal.

The enthusiasm of the fans for the new book “The Winds Of Winter” is such that it is now considered a much-delayed delivery by author George R.R. Martin. This is because he made the commitment to deliver “The Winds Of Winter” December 31, 2015.

Newsweek points out that each novel of the series is longer than the previous one starting with 704 pages of “A Game Of Thrones” each new one growing til “A Dance With Dragons” came to 1040 pages, following this trend, “The Winds Of Winter” should bring the most number pages of all the novels.

As the length of the novels have grown George R.R. Martin began to require longer work periods for each. George R.R. Martin released “Feast For Crows” in 2005 and “A Dance With Dragons” in 2011. “The Winds Of Winter” then by rights should be right on time if George R.R. Martin releases the sixth “A Song Of Ice And Fire” novel in 2018.


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