(Credits : macworld.co.uk)

With countdown to the beginning of 2016, we are also witnessing a more enthusiastic fervor regards to iPhone 7 and 7 plus that are scheduled to be released somewhere around summer 2016. The joy of fans is already on the highest peaks as Apple authorities have given hints about the pre-release of these two gadgets and that is why road to the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus won’t be that long.

The good news is not a single one and is blended with so many others as well. The best among them is that iPhone 7 could more possibly undergo changes in external design. The rumor is that iPhone 7 would be completely a bezel-free device and thus you would be able to enjoy the completely new display. Also, being a waterproof and some wireless charging features added to the features would certainly spice things up for diehards.

Moreover, it is also expected that Apple 7 could also feature sapphire crystals and unlike its predecessors, iPhone 7, would be the first smartphone that won’t feature glass. The inclusion of touch ID sensor into the side of the phone and also availability in various other colors would make things pretty amazing for diehards.


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