The Walking Dead Season 7
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As we all know by now, the hit zombie drama series The Walking Dead is based on a comic book of the same title and the series haven’t exactly based everything on the source material. However, in The Walking Dead Season 7, Greg Nicotero says that there will be epic comic book moments taking in place in the series.

Nicotero has explained in behalf of the people behind The Walking Dead series about their vision for the future of the drama. According to Nicotero:

“There are some great moments from the comic books that we’re going to get a chance to experience. To me, it feels like we may be a little closer in nature to certain beats in the graphic novel than we have in the past, but that could just be my interpretation of it.”

The Walking Dead has been pretty independent of the source material as of late, for instance, in the comic books, Michonne and Rick are best buds and not lovers like how they are portrayed in the series. Moreover, Judith actually died along with Lorie and Abraham should have had an arrow through his head, Morgan and Michonne had a fling-kind history before Morgon met his demise and one of the biggest differences is the part where Carol is still very much alive.

Although the series did choose their own path in some decisive moments, there are also a few scenes whereas they stayed true to the source material. Like the scene in The Walking Dead Season 5 where Rick had a fight with Jessie’s husband was actually very similar to how it was done in the comics. As for Carl Grimes, he is one of the characters who has had every horrible thing to happen to him in the comics come to life in the series as well, like losing his eye and getting shot.

The premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7 airs on October 23 on AMC and fans can’t wait to see who Negan kills and maybe getting a comic book moment that will explore the first encounter of Rick, Ezekiel, and Jesus.


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