the walking dead season 7
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The season 6 finale created a lot of speculation among the audience as who was the victim for Negan’swire-wrapped baseball bat, creating a mystery for the audience as well as hype for the audience to watch the next season. The Walking Dead Season 7 will open right where the previous season left off. This 16 episode season is believed to be aired in two parts, first eight episodes in this fall and other on Feb 2017. The latest trailer for this popular series suggests that there are two deaths. Some rumors suggest that in this season Negan will be a threat for all those who survived.

In an interview, Greg Nicotero accidently revealed that the two main character of the previous season would die. Further, Greg assured that the “cliffhanger” is intended to provide a stronger understanding of a chain of events that are going to take place in The Walking Dead Season 7. Negan’s strong personality creates him charming as well as an evil villain at the same time. His selfless nature will definitely give a hard time to the survivors in this season.

There are multiple murders expected in this season, proving Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) wrong. This season is expected to show the “King” Ezekiel in its third episode. The trailer shows us some of many new faces of the Kingdom residents and the Negan’s saviors. However, the leading characters of this season are still unsure as a lot of plot twist is expected in this season. So stay tuned to get more updates regarding this season.

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