The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere
(Credits : Youtube)

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiered aired recently and with it the shocking confirmation of the rumors that have been spreading across the internet like wildfire. Spoiler alert, the character who dies by Negan’s bat has been revealed. Last season’s cliffhanger left fans in a frenzy trying to figure out who among the survivors will die this season. Many feared for the lives of their respective favorites.

The first rumor to be confirmed is the one that pointed to Abraham played by Michael Cudlitz, and it is true. Abraham was killed brutally by Negan after a sick game of Eeny Meny Miny Mo, fans be warned, the scene was definitely brutal and extremely graphic. As Abraham was being bludgeoned by Negan to death, everyone else watched in horror as they cried for their fallen comrade. The cast and crew of The Walking Dead did warn fans about this season’s premiere, that nothing could prepare them for what’s to come. Fans are all over social media expressing their shock and heartbreak because their favorite character has been slain in the most brutal way.

It doesn’t stop there, the heartbreak continues because Negan wasn’t done at all, thus confirming a second rumor that there will be more than on fatality in the premier of The Walking Dead Season 7. Fans’ hearts stop in fear as Negan proceeded to kill Glenn, a character known to be a survivor since Season 1. It is worth mentioning that Glenn is Negan’s original victim in the comics, and fans did hope that the series would again, stray from the source material, but the wishes were not granted as Glenn met his demise.

We have been warned that the premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7 would be a shocking one, but then again there was another warning. Fans were told that if they were worried about Negan’s kill, they should know that there are far worse things to come. What could be worse than Abraham and Glenn being brutally bludgeoned to death?


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