The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1
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For Walking dead season 7 is coming soon for those who enjoy the series, the biggest question, for now, is “Who has died? As in the cliffhanger, Rick, and his mate had been captured by the new character called Negan. They were forced to kneel while Negan was wavering his club, smiling and choosing the victim of his onslaught. Someone has been hit, but unfortunately, the producer smartly decides to save it for the next season. Therefore, we now have spoilers spread over the internet about who was killed and the rumors are that this may be the most terrible death in the series walking dead. Since Beth, Hershel, and Shane, three important characters were dead in the previous season, there is no need worry about “he or she may be still alive.” The only question is “Who?”

The actor Michael Cudlitz has finally talked about what will happen in the next season; however, he denied revealing any secret of the new season.

“I do not even think [the fans] hope that you answer it,” Michael (Abraham) said. “I think in the back of their minds, they believe that you are going to slip up and say who it may or may not be.”

The Entertainment Weekly also reported the speak of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who is the actor of Negan. He said that It was a surprised when he knew that many fans feel upset about the victim of Negan in the cliffhanger (maybe he thinks that someone’s death should be a daily habit in the film). However, he believed that the story is on the right track and really likes the way it comes, although he understood the feelings of those who had watched the ending.

The Season 7 premiere will not be in town until October 23, 2016. Fans need to wait for the next year to see who has been dead, but they can partly satisfy themselves with the first five seasons of “the Walking Dead,” which are now released on Netflix and on this Thursday, September 15, the previous season will be available on Netflix channel. The time is still plenty for viewers to carefully analyze the last 16 episodes of Season 6. Maybe, with some fortunate, they might identify the crew member whom the producer hates most and wish to sacrifice him under the club of Negan.

For those who have not watched the previous season, the first episode called “First Time Again” found Rick and his mates helping a strange walker outside their safe fort, while another group of people attacks their home. Although Alexandria is a safe place, they have to face various challenges to make it become a sustainable community. The real problem, this time, is human, who always believe themselves as the representative of the goodness, and finally, Rick and his crew face their terrible face in the Season 6 finale.


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