The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1
(Photo Credits : IMDB)

Carl Grimes last appearance was when he and his father, Rick Grimes are seen in line for an execution by Negan’s bat in The Walking Dead Season 6 finale. Fans have been busy speculating which character will suffer the wrath of Negan and lose his or her life. On The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere, it was thought that Carl Grimes would be safe from death.

However, this has changed when in The Walking Dead comic book canon, created by Robert Kirkman, Carl Grimes would become some sort of protégé to the evil Negan. That is not good news for Carl fans especially since Negan is known to be this charming, sadistic cold-blooded killer. With this being said, it is now news that Carl is definitely vulnerable to death especially now that in The Walking Dead Season 7 his role may be switched with Daryl Dixon.

Carl Grimes’ journey in The Walking Dead has indeed been quite troublesome. He has even lost an eye in The Walking Dead Season 6 when he was shot by Ron Andersen out of pure jealousy and spite.

In other news, Carl Grimes seems to have a secret with his hair that can soften even the hardest of The Walking Dead fans hearts. It seems that Chandler Riggs who plays Carl, has an issue with chopping off his locks, and it is known that the last time he actually had his hair cut was way back season one. The actor purposely avoids and declines to have his hair cut for some reason.


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