The Walking Dead Season 7
(Credits : Youtube)

Some highlights and details have been leaked about The Walking Dead Season 7 and spread online on social media. The season series is always thrilling. In previous season the story ended up in suspense, what will be next?? The story writers give warning to its fans public, not to go beyond certain limit if they want to keep their thrill. Some contents which were exposed it should not be seen by its fans otherwise all the suspense which was created by its previous season will wash away.

Rumors are continuously circulating about Negan’s victim; it was mostly related with the suspense in the last season. Those fans who cannot wait to see what happen are going to talk about these rumors which are spread on Facebook page “spoiling dead fans.” On that FB page, a detail of first half of season has been forecasted with some highlights. No doubt highlights have been shown, but they are also not sure about it, whether the same thing will happen when the season releases or not. The FB page says that Negan has been killed, but it is expected that he will claim about Abe and Glenn lives.

By the public release press, Michonne will die in Walking season 7. If we continuously read this highlighted publication then later on in the season, Rick is also pushed in pity condition. The clash between these rumors i.e. the social media highlights about further predictions that who has been killed is still a mystery. This hidden story will be revealed when the season will be actual launch. Bad news for fans, this season, is going to launch on 23 October.


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