The Walking Dead Season 7 Air Date
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While the fans of the zombie survival series are eagerly awaiting the return of The Walking Dead Season 7 on October 23, there have been many speculations floating about who Negan killed on the much hated Season 6 cliffhanger, why is such secrecy necessary?

The character who is most believed to be the one who actually meets Lucille has a few things to say about all the secrecy that came with the Season 6 cliffhanger. Actor Michael Culditz who stars as Abraham had this to say to TV Guide.

“It’s kind of been nice, in a way,” Cudlitz told TV Guide. “It’s been quiet, from our standpoint. We can focus on the show, focus on telling really cool stories, and focus on the work.”

According to Culditz, The Walking Dead Season 7 coverage is, for now, focused on Negan’s kill which is actually not the worst part of the season. Sure the show will be opening with a bang, but Culditz assures fans that there is more to be worried about as the new season unfolds.

“People are so focused on this initial moment, but the rest of the season is so much more intense than that initial moment. There’s a brick on the accelerator on the car of The Walking Dead, and we’re going off the cliff this year.”

Fans of the comics that The Walking Dead was based on knows what’s coming up next, so why the cliffhanger? Well, it is because there are characters in the Negan kill lineup that aren’t in the comics, which is an opportunity for the show to actually stray away and surprise fans.


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