The Walking Dead Season 7 Air Date
(Credits : Youtube)

The Walking Dead Season 7 has fans worried for their favorite characters since the new villain in town, the cold-blooded, baseball bat wielding Nagen has our heroes lined up for execution. There has been a leaked episode description and it says that Daryl Dixon and Nagen will be spending some alone time together, this can be bad news for Daryl Dixon fans.

According to iDigital Times, Daryl will not be with the group as they return home to Alexandria, instead, he will remain with Negan in the Sanctuary. What does this mean for our favorite red neck?

There are photos from the second episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 that show Daryl clad in a brown scrub suit with the initial A sewed on it. The reason behind Daryl’s extra time with Nagen is that he will serve as an assurance that Rick and his team will stay true to their end of the deal that they made with Negan, so if Rick and friends fail miserable, then that means Daryl might come in contact with Negan’s killer bat.

Where we left off at The Walking Dead Season 6, we were introduced to Negan who is hinted to be killing off two characters this season. If he does pull of killing a few of Rick’s people, he would have successfully gained power over them especially if he has Daryl, a core member, as a hostage. According to Gamenguide, Negan’s victims will be Glenn and Abraham, but there has not been any official statement on that, all fans can do is wait and see.


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