The Walking Dead Season 7 Air date
(Image: AMC)

Kirkman has told EntertainmentWeekly, that the new season 7 of The Walking Dead will have a more interesting character which will result in the ratings of the show. The Season 7 will be showing the Kingdom in addition to the Hilltop, the Saviors, and the Sanctuary. You May have dealt it differently with some different manner.

According to the Moviefone reports, the Season 7 of ‘The Walking Dead will not be as great as they think they are, and Kirkman had also revealed that the new season might also pull apart the team and create conflict between the members, and that might not result in the good rating of this season. Does this also indicates that “Rick will switch teams to appease Negan?”

Switching sides had been played several times in TV/film. Also, it might not surprise the viewers of Season 7 of Rick switching teams to appease Negan in “The Walking Dead.” If he is hurt by a bullet in his head, then he might sacrifice himself for the team. If Kirkman is saying that the fear of Negan would tear apart the community, then it might have a possibility that Rick or anyone else within the group would switch teams to appease Negan. The Walking Dead season 7 is going toe be released on October 23.

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