The Walking Dead Season 7 Air Date
(Image: IMDB)

On the season finale of The Walking Dead Season 6, we are left with a cliff hanger that requires us to figure out which of our main characters was killed by Negan. Now that The Walking Dead Season 7 premier is only three weeks away, there was a recently released character biography that may actually pinpoint which character died.

Since the Season 6, of course, the cast members were thrown with a lot of questions regarding the finale with high hopes that they will drop a hint on which of them will be biting the dust, however, that was a lost cause. Good news is that the new character bios give us a clue on who Negan will kill in his twisted game of eeny-meeny-miny-moe.

The first bio that we will be looking into is that of Abraham, who seems to be the one who will most likely die as both Sasha’s and Rosita’s bios point to the same possibility as well. Moreover, there have been speculations in the past that also conclude that Abraham is the one who will be biting the dust in the season 7. Since Abraham has made a lot of radical choices before the finale of the previous season, “he now faces a lie ahead full of conflict and compromise – if he even gets to lead it.”  And that’s not all, Sasha’s bio also backs this theory up.

Sasha’s bio states that she and the possible Negan victim “have embraced the idea of living a full life together” but there are also hints of pain and loss in the description, the same goes for Rosita’s bio. All these mixed together makes fans think that Abraham is the most likely to die of Negan’s wrath on October 23.


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