The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1
(Photo Credits : IMDB)

It has yet again been an excruciatingly long wait for all the zombie fans out there, and the way is almost over as the Walking Dead Season 7 air date is coming, and it is coming fast. FOX has announced that the Walking Dead Season 7 air date is officially on October 23, 2016, and the premiere will air at 9pm in the evening. Fans have been a long wait and are near to rejoicing as the hit series will be back on television in less than a month. However, fans know that like every Season of The Walking Dead, a mid-season break will take place after the season’s eighth episode.

While waiting for the Walking Dead Season 7 air date to finally arrive, fans have been busy as bees while they try to analyze and decode the cliff hangers left by the previous season. Fans are predicting who did Negan kill? And it is definitely a tough shell to crack. Fans have even resorted to listing out those people who Negan didn’t kill in order to close in on the character that had to withstand the wrath of Negan’s baseball bat.

Aside from the Walking Dead Season 7 air date being announced, the series will also be introducing a new character. There will be a new faction and it is called The Kingdom under the command of a man named Ezekiel, and on his side is his pet tiger, Shiva. Having a flesh eating tiger on set means that The Walking Dead will be using a mixture of CGI and animatronics to bring this new character to life.


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