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The Walking Dead season 6 is a horror fiction TV series that showcases the survivors of a cryptic carnage who are seeking refuge while being encountered by zombies.

The trail holds sixteen episodes exhibiting the 6th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Premiered on October 11, 2015 the season will end on April 3, 2016. The story line and the directions are held firmly by Scott Gimple as he is the man behind the show since last three consecutive seasons. The popularity of the show is clearly eminent through the reception of approximately 15 million views at the airing of the premiere episode.

The Walking Dead returns with season 6, depicting more threats in Alexandria. Rick’s squad is once again equipped for the unwarranted combat for survival.

Starring the familiar Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, this season six now has 10,000 more zombies. The season is premiered with assorted survival ideas crafted to get out of the menaces. Once somebody flinched, the fate is death. However, Rick’s Draconian instructions can endure the characters in the show. The lime light of the show was the Rick’s levelheaded plans which were dangerous yet resolving to escape through the zombie’s perils.

The first episode featured a quarry full of zombies and the turmoil that reminds the previous airing and so the episodes continue with the similar themes. Rick, Carl, Michonne, Carol, Glenn, Daryl, Maggie and the rest of the crew and the pretty known, Alexandria — none of them were safe for long. The survivors tried their best to overcome the uproar but the zombies are there to cast a Hell. Being haunted by the dead is part of the constant drama.

The core component in each episode which holds the viewer attention is, whenever it seemed that the most dreadful development has just happened, something more outlandishemerges to hold the audience’s breadth.

This season entails the same characters with few fresh additions with the former theme in diverse setting. The situations might be new but unfortunately the pace does not match the theme and for every episode the viewer expect to visualize something fresh that is bitterly missing. The viewers are still Waiting for the episode  that will hit the ground but till now the wait is on. The general public complains that the initiation of every episode is gripping but the pace become steady after few moments.

The season 6 of Walking Dead is featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes ,Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon Steven Yeun as Glenn RheeLauren Cohan as Maggie Greene with Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira ,Melissa McBride  Michael Cudlitz  and Lennie James.

Trailer :-

If you have watched the show’s first enormous trailer, you can feel that this season will also display all those eerie elements with optimum loudness and fear.


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